Product characteristics

  • Procenta® is an acellular, highly hydrophilic, structural extracellular matrix
    derived from placental connective tissue.
  • Structural, human tissue allograft (FDA/TRG 361 status letter received).
  • Comprised of extracellular matrix scaffold that serves as a cover, to offer protection from the surrounding environment, and to retain fluid.
  • Allograft produced from healthy human donors. Intended for homologous use to supplement or replace damaged or inadequate connective tissue.
  • Stored at ambient temperature, ready for application in a sterile vial.
  • 4 year shelf life.
  • Available in 100mg and 200mg vial configuration.



Outer Box that contains sterile packaged Procenta vial.


Vial is packaged in a single pouch.


Allograft Transplantation Record that must be completed and returned.


Allograft Return Card must be completed and sent with returned product.



Open product package & remove the Tyvek peel pouch containing the vial.


Using aseptic technique, peel open the Tyvek peel pouch and present sterile vial onto sterile field.


Open the vial and apply product as needed.

Product Information

The manufacturing of Procenta Tissue-based Allograft does not involve the combination of the placental tissue with another article, except for a placental storage agent.
After minimally manipulated processing, Procenta is terminally sterilized using E-beam irradiation to ensure recipient safety.
The Procenta Allograft processor is Lucina BioSciences, LLC. A proprietary, minimally manipulative manufacturing process (Nativus) ensures the original relevant characteristics of the tissue are retained.
The tissue bank is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).